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Hi I’m Heather Wilson from Northern CA. I race off-road dirt bikes in the Grand National Cross Countries (GNCC), National Hare Scrambles, and any District 36 events I can get to. I’ve been riding off-road since 1997 in Northern CA and began the National Circuits in 2002. I also work full time for US Bank as an outside sales representative. Talk about a crazy schedule! Balancing the racing across the country with a day job can be tricky, but it also makes for some interesting stories. 

3/25/10- I will be speaking at the AAUW Speaker Series event on Thursday, March 25th at 6:30. Come listen to me tell my story about a life in racing. Contact me if your interested in joining. The event will be held in Concord, CA.

1/5/09: Permanently injured. -Retired from racing/riding. Bears/Posters still available. You can still email with me. Site will stay active.


08/20/09: new address:

PO BOX 1791

Lafayette, CA 94549

My shoulder injury back in 2005 has never healed and left me with nerve damage that limits my use of my right arm. I won't be able to return to riding or racing.

NEW! I'm still using this product for my daily workouts even after racing. The skin car products have really proven themselves now that I've used them for a couple of years. I finally have the product ready that I've been testing. I've sent it to a dozen racers of all levels and the same results keep coming back to me. You'll be seeing some of our top 5 GNCC Pro men including road racer Tommy Hayden using the product in their races too! It' called Advocare and I'm using it for the longest lasting energy I've ever felt, noticeably better mental focus and weight loss. Email me to find out what exactly to use and how for your own program. I get so much more out of my training now and my race results are getting faster against the guys. Here's where to find the product. www.ADVOCARE.COM/0506587

The testimonials are great guys, keep them coming!

Racing has become so much more than just racing. To keep our races running and sponsorships available we need to support the companies that support us. The sponsors I have on my team are there for a reason. They have been supportive of the growth of the women's classes and have always allowed me to expand my program. If your wearing or using one of the products I'm sponsored by you have made yourself my Team Mate and I'm glad to have you aboard. If you've recently bought a product I'm sponsored by send me an email and tell me what you thought of it and I'll send you an autographed poster. So when making that decision at the local shop buy the brands that support us ladies and "Join The Team!"

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