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Hardcore RiderThe Hardcore Youth Racing Team was established in 2007; consisting of 12 youth riders from West Virginia who compete in the Grand National Cross Country series. The team is made up of 2 ATV riders and 10 dirt bike riders. Upon development of the team, the focus was not to be on winning, but to nurture a team atmosphere and camaraderie. It was the idea of taking a group of individual riders, putting them on a team, and giving them the physical and mental support needed to grow into a confident and competitive rider.

Heather Wilson The team quickly came together with the help of Heather Wilson in January of 2007. Heather was contacted to see if she would be interested in endorsing the youth team. With Heather’s help, the team quickly gained some generous sponsors.

The Grand National Cross Country series is a national hare scramble series on the East Coast. Races take place in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The team has attended all of the GNCC races in 2007.They have become a well known gTeam Memberroup of riders at this series with spectators recognizing kids as one of the “Hardcore Team”. Racer Productions has helped promote this youth team by recognizing them as the first youth team for the GNCC series. During podium interviews, they are introduced as a member of the Hardcore Youth Team.

In addition to the GNCC series, riders participate in many other racing events around the regional area including the East Coast Off-Road Series, Summersville MX, Milton MX, KSR Motorsports hare scramble races, and American Woods Race Champion Series.Hardcore Racing Truck

Team Activities:

In 2007, the team participated in several activities for fund raising and promoting the team. In May, the team raised over $750 by selling programs at the High Point National Motocross Event for Racer productions.

In June, the team raffled a 2007 85 SX bike. This bike was taken to three GNCC races (Ohio, Kentucky, and Snowshoe) where Racer Productions allowed the team to set up a booth to sell tickets. Over 1500 tickets were sold for this bike raffle. The raffle drawing occurred at the Snowshoe race, the last race prior to the summer break. David Knight, winner of the pro bike race at Snowshoe, drew the winning ticket. The team was on the podium with David Knight for the drawing.

Snowshoe Raffle The team also participated in a team night at the Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant in Charleston, WV. The race team and their families gathered for a dinner and showing of their team at the restaurant. The restaurant allowed the team trailer and their bikes to be displayed in the parking lot of the restaurant. Heather Wilson flew in from California to participate in this event with the team.

Although winning is not a primary focus of this team, they have done extremely well in the GNCC Series. With 12 of the 13 races Hardcore Riderscompleted, the team has had 82 top 10 finishes including 24 podium finishes. All 12 riders will finish in the top ten of their class and will be invited to the GNCC year end banquet held in Cranberry, Pennsylvania.

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