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If your like me you like to wear make-up while riding or racing. I’ve spent a lot of money looking for the right brands that stay on during a hot or muddy race. I’ve finally had some luck so I wanted to share this information with my friends. Print this page and head out to your local Walmart or drug store that has a good selection of makeup. These should fit anyone’s budget and are really worth it.

Mascara Tip:
The most important part to our makeup is our eyelashes. I never leave the house without mascara on. The eyelashes can make the whole look come together. Often that’s all I wear and it seems to be enough for a day on the boat or on the bike. Even though they have waterproof mascara we all know that it runs under extreme conditions like riding motorcycles or exercising. I have finally found the ONE product that actually works. It is by Revlon called ColorStay-Over Time-Lash Tint (found at Walmart and other similar type stores). I have found this stuff to last for 3 days if you don’t attempt to take it off. No matter how hot or how muddy the race is the mascara doesn’t run. However taking it off that night can take some extra effort. I use Almay’s Hypo-Allergenic Moisturizing eye makeup remover in gel form (found at Walmart and other similar type stores). The gel helps to remove the mascara without pulling any lashes out. Gentle is the key here. Don’t tear your face up trying to clean it. Forget bar soaps, purchase moisturizing makeup removers. Sarah Whipple has also recommended Maxfactors Waterproof.

Eye Shadow Tip:
My favorite eye shadow is from NYC’s Sparkle Eye Dust(found at Longs or Rite Aid) in Champagne for the whole eye lid and Pink Champagne for on top of just the lid. These actually make it through a race in almost perfect condition. I loose a little but the sparkle is still there for your photo finish. Sarah Whipple wrote in that Prestigious Eye Shadow holds well under riding conditions.

Foundation and Powder Tip:
I have found no foundation or powder that stays on so if I do I’ll let you know. For now I use a basic foundation and a powder for the smooth finish but once the helmet is on it’s off. One major thing to remember is a waterproof SPF 30 sun block for your face. I wear it daily over my moisturizer and under my foundation. The major cause of wrinkles is from sun damage. The skin on your face is thin and most vulnerable to the sun’s damage. Wear it always! Even if the sun isn’t out trust me it’s there it’s just sneaking up on you. I use Coppertone’s Oil Free Faces(found in Walmart or even grocery stores). It’s a hydrating lotion with Vitamins A & E at a SPF of 30.

Lipstick Tip:
For your lips there is nothing that will last since your about to put a layer of dust and dirt on them when you riding. I do wear lipstick up to the start line. I’ve really found this great stuff by L’oreal called Glam Shine(found at Walmart and other similar type stores). When this stuff wears off it leaves a nice sparkle behind without the crackle or rim left on your lips. Even half way worn off it still looks nice. My favorite colors, depending on mood of course are Diva and Starlet. The tube fits perfectly in your change pocket of your wallet and when walking around the races without a purse and your jeans are too tight to use the pockets you can sneak this little bottle into the inside corner of your bra.

Hair Tips:
Here are just a few little tips about your hair to start. Your hair is at it’s weakest when it’s wet. Avoid brushing just after the shower. The most common damage to hair is done in brushing and heat. If you can, avoid hair dryers as much as possible. If you have to brush your hair after a shower use a wide toothcomb or your fingers. This will help from snagging it and breaking. The hair absorbs and expands in water allowing it to stretch to the point of breaking. When buying a brush look for boar hair or natural hairbrushes. If you use Nylon brushes they are too harsh on the scalp and could tear hair as well. Never use ponytail ties that have the little medal strip connecting the ends. They now have continuous ties in the store for nearly the same price. Those medal ends catch your hair. Also excessive tight braiding can cause damage to your hair. If your looking for some real details on hair care you can go to any good book store and look in the health and beauty section. There are plenty of books on Trichology that will give you alternatives to store bought shampoos and conditioners. I have recently gone through some major hair breakage. I had to cut 5 inches off my length so that I could get a fresh start. I’ve tried some natural shampoos and have noticed a wonderful difference in the health of my hair. I have completely stopped blow-drying however I am brushing with a very wide tooth brush while the hair is still a little damp. That way it dries in a nice style for me. I use a leave in conditioner before I touch it with a brush. I’m currently trying some new herbal washes and if you want any information on how that is going send me an email and we’ll talk. Sarah Whipple wrote in that she has had good luck with Aveda hair products. I use this as a leave in. I love thier stuff. Pure Hair products and Matrix's Purology are also great shampoos/conditioners. The common thread here is that they carry natural ingredients. Most expensive shampoos and hair products have really damaging chemicals in them. It's amazing how affordable these natural products are and how much better you'll like your hair. I use Trader Joe's supermakets "Nourish." Instead of $30 at the beauty store I now spend $5.00 at the health food store. My hair has finally recovered and is growing out again.  

Racing with long hair:
I have long hair and I hate to take the helmet off after a race and have a tangle mess to deal with. What I’ve been doing for a few years now gathering the hair at the nape of the neck and starting a braid. Once I’ve got it mostly braided, leaving a few inches at the end I bend over placing my braid up towards my forehead. While I’m upside down I grab my helmet and slowly pull it on from the back to the front. Once one I stand up and push my bangs to the sides of the helmet so that no strands are flying around. At first you’ll feel the braid on the top of your head but without a ponytail tie on the end it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. You’ll get use to this feeling quickly. Now after the race you can pull that helmet off and undo the braid and your hair is just as you left it. You can run your fingers through it quickly with maybe a little bit of water to straighten out the bangs and now you don’t look like you raced at all. There will be a lot less damage to your hair especially on those muddy days. No tangles or clumps to wash out. If you can’t pull your chest protector on over your helmet make sure you have it one before you start your braid.


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