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Team Maxxis" L-R: Kristen,Me,David

Building Endurocross

Me and a group of kids in CA



Kawasaki Commercial

L-R: Rodney Smith, Kinney Jones, Me

My Dutch Park Pit Crew

The new ride for 2005, RM250

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*


Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Pismo Beach Photo Shoot*

Crab Orchard, IL

Glen Kearney

Furnace Women's Race

North Carolina, GNCC

North Carolina, GNCC

Crab Orchard, IL

Oregon National Hare Scramble

Ohio School Speech

NC Steak House that didn't kick us out.

NC Steak house that did kick us out!

Too much gear. North Carolina GNCC

Crab Orchard, IL handing out trophies

Crab Orchard, IL-handing out trophies

Kayaking with Dan. He'll hate this photo:)

Me and Jon at Deep Creek, MD GNCC

North Carolina, GNCC

New York, GNCC, Ashley and Kelsey

New York, GNCC Sara and Dad, yes she holeshoted me.

My fabulous garage. Thanks Dan for the floor to match my Suzuki.

Oregon National, me and my great friend Maria Forsberg.

Maxxis International, GA

Mini me's

Becky Ford '97 Women's Champion and me.

National Anthem, NC GNCC

Rodney Smith's Family, NC GNCC

America's Passion-TV Shoot

Labor Day- East Park, CA

My favorite girls of D36-Labor Day 2005

GNCC announcer Jason Weighant and me, GA

An injured Rodney Smith and wife. Should he be riding a bike with a broken leg?

My favorite Parts Unlimited Team mate Dick Burelson

Hollywood and Shane Nalley-pro mechanic for Suzuki and an injured me. GA

John Davis-me-Kasie Creson-California riders hitting the GNCC's in '05

Chad Campbell after his Heather Makeover

Heather Makeover, GA GNCC 2005

* Photography by Crux Studios

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