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Journal Entries

I was born in Bakersfield, CA sometime between 1901 – 1999. We didn't stay there very long though. Soon I was living in Walnut Creek, CA and then to Canyon, CA where my mother still lives. I attended a 2-room school house in this small logging community just outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent most of my years growing up in the small town riding bicycles, climbing trees, and riding horses. I never got on a motorcycle until after high school. My car died in a Subway Sandwich parking lot on my lunch break. My brother, who didn't ride motorcycles, made a suggestion to buy a motorcycle, at 18 years old I only had $100 to my name so I put it down on a used 1984 Honda CM400A Hondamatic. My grandma put the remaining $500 on her credit card, which I paid back over the next few months.

This was the first motorcycle I'd ever ridden. Within just 4 months I landed my self in the hospital with a back injury from loosing control in some gravel across the road. To me I thought I crashed because it was an old bike. I am quite aware now that the bike wasn't the problem. Oh but who cares, just a great excuse to get what I now really wanted. Soon I had to have the latest sport bike and ended up taking a loan out to buy a used Honda Hurricane 600.

I was still attending Junior college, dancing on a national dance team and riding my Hurricane around when I met a guy. Somehow he convinced me to try drag racing at Sears Point against all the men. In my first year I won the bike division championship as the only women competing. One year of that and I was ready to road race the full track. Now that I was working at a bike shop I met some more guys that raced and convinced me to buy a Ninja 250 to race in the production class. Road racing is a great sport but way too dangerous. I ended up having 4 surgeries in 3 years and finally landed in a wheel chair for 4 months. That pretty much ended the street bike days. I lost 4 friends to street racing and gained many plates and screws in my shoulder and legs from Sears Point. Even with all the injuries I never lost the desire to ride.

Through the street riding I met guys that road dirt bikes. Somehow, once again, I was convinced to buy a RMX250 and go racing. My first race was the Hollister National Hare Scramble in the pouring rain in 1997. I crashed everywhere and only did 2 laps. I think I finished 2nd to last in the C over all. I couldn't believe with all the crashing the bike and I were just fine. I was hooked! Off-Road is so much cheaper and safer but still just as fun. So this is where it starts. My dance instructor made me decide between the racing and dancing. We know what happened there. I handed in the dance shoes for Alpinestars Tech 7's and off I went racing.

In my first year I over all'd the C class in District 36 Enduros, the second year I was 3 rd over all in the B class and then advanced to A. That is when I met Kawasaki's Reid Nordin. He put me on a KDX220 to race Hare and Hounds. Racing has been the highest priority to me since I got involved in the drag racing. I've had to jump different jobs and move many times to be able to continue the racing. I don't know what gives me the drive. No one else in my family rides or races. We all did the normal things growing up like soccer, swimming, softball, etc. How this evolved I have no idea. Now I'm racing National events across the whole country for Maxxis and Moose as well as a bunch of other sponsors.

I never would have guessed this is what I'd be doing right now. I thought I'd be married with kids or something and working as a computer programmer. I was way off on guessing my future. I have a full time day job as an Outside Sales Rep. for US Bank. I run a large territory purchasing auto loans, and RV/Marine loans. I work out of my house and answer to a boss in Oregon. I wear a suit and heels everyday to my clients and work off a laptop when I'm home. I enjoy the job and it allows me the freedom to do the traveling I need to do to get to the GNCC's. It's a perfect fit for me and I'm doing really well in the territory. As long as I keep those sales numbers up you'll see me at the races. Oh yeah, I also bought my first brand new home this year by myself. It's awesome. I can't believe I was able to do it. Things are going well but it was hard to get here and worth every struggle. So that's the basics of how I got started.

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